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Dongyang Lisheng Hardware Products Co.,Ltd. is a new born enterprise which was established in Dongyang City of Zhejiang Province of China in 2002.We are a professional manufacturer of Aluminum Sports Bottles and Plastic BottlesAs a private company,we keep paying much attention to the global market demand and make the utmost to supply what the target market needs.Currently our products are not only seen in the China's market but also seen in the North America's market and the Europe's market.Every buyer all leaves a deep impression on our product for its high performance and reasonable price.Facing the fierce competion,we have a brave heart.Facing the troubling problems,we have a wise mind.Facing the tremendous orders,we have calm manner.Facing the growing turnover,we have a proud feeling.We deeply know the world is changing amazingly fast.Thus,we are obligated to move continuously forward.It is just like an endless race.Everyone who is involved has the opportunity to lead the goup.
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